Sunday, October 13, 2013

The catskills

I've been planning some trips, and yesterday, I took one: This is the Catskill Scenic trail, which run 26 miles from Roxbury to Bloomville. I parked at the mid point in Stamford. The first thing I ran into was unpacked fine gravel up to my rims. Real fun. The unimproved portions weren't much better , as you can see here: I made to my destination, Grand Gorge. I think this is an old bridge: . Coming back , it was uphill, which made it a little harder. It had rained a lot there, so it was like pedaling in bog. Maybe I should get a fat bike. Here is an old barn: and the station in South Gilboa: a nice farm: 73 miles to Kingston: I thought about doing some, but I was pretty pooped. I got some lunch at Stewart's and headed back:

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