Sunday, October 06, 2013

A Placid Lake

Today, I went to church: and then I took off for Lake Placid. Here is a rest stop on the Northway(I-87): The Last Howard Johnsons'. They used to be everywhere: Eating there proved you can't go back. Which is not always the case (look for another post on this in about a month or so). I was bit concerned with parking, but found a spot in front of the Olympic center The 1980 Arena: The speed skating track doubles as the track for Lake Placid High: For $70, you can ride a bobsled. I skipped: Up the ski lift: John Brown's Farm: I have a new found respect for ski jumpers: I went to whiteface and the Gondola ride. It decided to pour rain. no fun. It was also when my phone got a strong enough signal to transmit data. maybe having a 3g phone was good enough. A good and fun day:

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