Sunday, August 18, 2013

Border Run

Yesterday, I took a little ride, I went by Lake George: The Fiat is running great: I went across the Champlain Bridge: and wound up in Burlington, VT: I did the Island line trail: on which I wound up getting lost, but did find the Highlight - the two mile causeway onto the Lake: and they have a bike ferry. It was $8, so I passed. I cam back and found a parking ticket on my little green machine. I thought there would be free parking downtown on Saturday. wrong. They were having a festival, and I was told it would be Ok to Park on the grass. wrong again. I had a very good lunch at the Shanty(maple salmon), and set off for my next stop: Rouses Point is right on the Border. New York is on my left, and Quebec is on my right here: Back in the usa:

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