Thursday, July 04, 2013

Discerning Elvis

I've been thinking over Discernment. One of the thing that went through my mind the other Saturday was "work on your book". I posted the above video since it shows Elvis doing one of his pre-concert rituals: Praying. Here's another take: I'm just sitting here, tyring to imagine the scene in the present day. King of Music, and he prays before a concert? Isn't God for sissies and rednecks? Well, both Elvis and I can plead guilty as charged on that last one. And really it's about priorities, what comes first. And being human, sometimes we get it wrong. I can't help but thinking in the first video is reason he needed to calm down was because he took a whole bottle of amphetamines 2 hours before. Lord knows, I've done things that were just about as bad. But we must keep on going and to borrow from another Sun records artist, walk the line. So how do I intend in proceeding with this crazy project that landed on my lap? Drop my other crazy stuff, like find a job in Memphis, or write a book and get it published? Well, I'm just about done with my book, and I can't leave my mother twisting in the wind, although the passage where Jesus tell his Followers to let the dead bury themselves plays over and over again in my mind, So I'm just trying to juggle several balls at once and listen for that still, small voice and trust and obey. As Greg LeMond said, it never gets easier, you just go faster since it's the 4th, I'll leave you with this and this. It was Elvis Favorite Gospel song Until next week, TCB and FHS.

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