Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Fiat built in Mexico By Chrysler?

Well after pouring a bunch of money into my Kia, I finally gave up. I quite literally stopped by Armory Fiat on a whim , and after doing some number crunching , came home with: And yes, Spumoni is a Fiat built in Mexico by Chrysler. Although like a lot of stuff, it's very hard to classify it as an Italian, Mexican, or American. Italian design yes. 49% Mexican, 20% American and Canadian content, yes. Italian Transmission, yes. Spanish Bank financing my car, Yes. Welcome to the future. One of the more fun videos I ran across was this one. He's driving it in Albany, on the Corining preserve trail: Probably show what he thought of the car. speaking of which: let's stop by the Troy Dam. This was actually built by Henry Ford to power a factory. The town of Green island still uses the powerhouse, but the plant is gone: Cohoes falls is not as crazy: and It's been a year since we lost Don: and it fits (almost) Have yet to try the bent: And here's a more fun review of the 500 to close I like her advice to love what you drive. Obiviously,since I followed it.

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