Sunday, January 01, 2012

going Back thirty-fouty years

Well, I 'm sitting here at Mom's place in The Parkview on Poplar here in Memphis:

The parkview started out as the Parkview hotel in the 20's,and now is paying hosts to folks who can remember when it competed with the Peabody for the Elite traveler. Inside, it still can run with the Peabody:

But, no fountains and no Ducks(and more impotantly, no downtown), so the Parkview becomes assisted living, and the Peabody:
>I took my Mother there to see the ducks. Was too busy with Liberty Bowl fans, so we went down to Beale Street:
and had lunch:

Next to Robert Johnson's: But it was little too busy, and Beale has gotten more touristy. I smiled at the "Vintage" Pepsi ad in the background here:
considering the generic term for soft drink here is "Coke"
Anyway, let's leave the king On Bellvue at the Jungle Room and head over to Overton Park.

That's E.H."Boss" Crump. Unlike most folks from swampeast Missouri, my first visits to an Art Museum weren't at Forest park in Saint Louis, but Overton park here in Memphis.
Brooks Museum.

and the Zoo:

The Solider's memorial.

and The Memphis Belle.I can remember it sitting in front of the Armory on Central

Back to the parkview, and some Black-eyed peas and Corn bread. I need some luck, If I'm going to do everything that's been set before me for 2012:

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