Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Exploding tires this week

Saturday was the 234th anniversary of the battle of Saratogoa, so I drove up:

Was fun, but I'll probably need to go back,as I had some stuff to do here in Albany.
I went to the Cathedral on Sunday, and then took off for a ride:

I rode down 9J to the Thruway bridge over the Hudson:

Through the Village of Castleton on Hudson:

I thought would be to get the Replica of the Half Moon(Henry Hudson's ship) as it was supposed to be in Albany today. no Luck:

Coming back

This is Rensselaer's claim to fame - the Crallo house - where "Yankee Doodle" was composed during the French and Indian Wars:
From Alb
Only 22 miles, but not a bad day

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