Sunday, November 07, 2010

Brand my Luggage!

I did the Santa ana river trail on Friday. Not bad, and it seem less I worry about the bike, The better I get at it. C'est La Vie.
And I won't bore with Luggage any more. I walked into Macy's and $60 poorer, walked with:

From 11-5-2010
Not Bad for $180 MSRP. and It turns out that Atlantic is a subbrand of Travelpro, so it should be a good investment, plus , the seahorse will help me avoid this:

It turn out that is Fairly common in that Industry. Samsonite,

Also owns American Tourister

Courisly, They have American Tourister assigned to the low end, despite the Fact that it has better awareness, partly due to the Gorilla:

Of course, Samsonite is considered to more high quality, so maybe they're on to something.
Travelpro uses a different Stratagem(why is Google suggest all these High Faluting words). It was started by a Northwest Airlines Captain. who invented the Rollaboard.
They give substainal to Flight Crews to buy, and hope that People will want to buy the Brand that the "Pros" use. Atlantic was an independent company that they purchase to go after the "Value" markets (presumably not as downmarket as AT has gone)
Research is fun! Although it has got me wanting a Flight attendant doll I know , wrong airlien, but the American one doesn't come with the Beverage cart!
Now, let's go back to Vincennes circa 1790

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