Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tour De apple Vally and the quest for luggage

last week I did the tour de apple Valley:

Applle Valley was the retirement home for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. as I mentioned in the video, it was also where "Sky King" was filmed:
It was a very good ride, even though only three people from the SoCal bent group showed. Most people complained it was too far and too expensive. Me,I Think it's time to move on. It seem like I'm not recumbent rider, as least in mindset. Oh,
wait, those Roadies are out to get me! Quick, where's my tinfoil helmet cover?
enough of the venting. I also went by Victorville Airport, which is an old Air Force base that used for aircraft storage:
From 10-23-2010

I've also been doing some more research for novel,, I found google books , a very good resource. Not only, it will also show where a real live (or dead tree) version exists, which surprisingly for a history of Southeast Missouri, is the UC_riverside. and I thought I would get spend some more time at Kent Library @ SEMO u.
since my luggage is Falling apart, I've been looking at some new stuff. I went by the Ontario Mills mall. the Jc Penny outlet, Thy had some very good prices on Samsonite, but they only had the 29 or 21 inch size. I was looking for a 25 inch. Burlington and Marshalls had the same brands, which curiously was made by the same company in Mira Loma. Some of the wheels didn't work on these brands. Not a good sign,plus they also seel them to walmart. Macy's had a 50%, but I eventually decided I couldn't afford it right now. I think I'll wait til this friday and go back to Macy's

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