Saturday, December 26, 2009

My other family

One of the problems with living 2o00 miles away is that I spend Christmas alone a lot. Thankfully, my good friends, Tom and Mary Logsdon, invited me to become a part of their family, so I spent yesterday in the "heart" of Latin Los Angeles: Pico Rivera, CA.
I got a little bit of an intro on my way home from church. I usually go by a corner of Day laborers from Mexico. thet Greeted me with a Hearty "Feliz Navidad".
Which left me with a dilemma: should I reply "Happy new year" even though they probably didn't speak English? about all i could with "happy New year" en Espanol was "Neuvo .." Hint ": Listen to Jose
to start off with, there are Tom Logsdon's: sr and Jr. "Tommy" is friend and Tom is his dad:
From 12-26-2009

Flip soon adopted me:
From 12-26-2009

I soon settled down to a quiet afternoon.. Well aside from Tommy setting his hair on fire with Turkey Grease.
We had a nice dinner, watched the Laker game and opened presents:
From 12-26-2009

and we had a family photo:
From 12-26-2009

and I was invited back next year, only this i'm supposed to be a logsdon(i,e. bring gifts)
And for those bicyclistas, Here's a photo of San Dimas depot I took on my ride today:
From 12-26-2009

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