Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hindsight is always 20/20

That was one of my first boss's favorite sayings.
Today, I had too many decision about where to ride. I decided to do the "three club" ride. It started out ok as I was on my own I rode down to lake Elsinore, and turned around here:
From 9-19-2009

I rode back to the start and found a "ticket" on my car. I was only supposed to park there if I was shopping. Oh ,well, I don't guess I'll patronize that shopping center again.
The ride started out with a hill climb. Not wanting to give myself a heart attack or blow out my knees, I decided to do some walking. Eventually, I did catch up, by the riders I was with thought it was ok to blow every stop sign. Funny, I didn't think recumbents were allowed in Tour de france.
enough vingear. The main reason I cam was the old Norconian hotel
From 9-19-2009

From 9-19-2009

From 9-19-2009

The Norconian was built in the 20's as a Grand Resort, went Bankrupt in the 30's, was Taken over by the Navy in 40's as a hospital, and given to the State in 60's who made it into a prison. The state gave it to the city of Norco, who trying to rehab. It's truly sad as it a beautiful building. I've had a chance to walk close enough to touch it when i've been on the Navy Part of the properrty. here's a good video:

after this I got lost! I decided to make my way back to the start via Hamner and Main, which was good, since I ran across the neat old house:
From 9-19-2009

Thankfulkly, they did not tow my car, I had lunch and came back. Maybe I should have down the 180 century instead.
So I guess this where the Cowgirl rides away

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