Monday, October 27, 2008

Strike Three

I've been trying to ride on of my permanent routes. I tried last August- it was too hot, I tried in April, too windy.
So I tried again last weekend.
I made it to Riverside just fine. got A payday, and then went down to Corona, and had a pre-package latte. I then road back up to Rancho.
And there the tail starts...
The next leg was to Azusa. The wind wasn't that bad, but going under the 57 Freeway, I had another blowout, which was aggravating. Thankfully, I was only a mile away from Incycle in San dimas.
I made to to the control in Azusa ok, and was soon pedaling back east. Things went well until I got hit by a car turning left in LaVerne.
While I didn't lose consciousness, the rest was a blur, between the spectators(which were nice enough to call the police and fire) and the Fire department, which insisted i was only bruised and sprained.
I called Tom and Mary Lou, who came and took me to San Antonio hospital. Their RX; a radial head fracture, with a splint that goes from the base of my fingers to my shoulder(maybe why I took so long to post). no bike for a couple of months
So, who know where my Journey will take me next? Maybe that Super Randonnuse medal isn't meant for me. I'm still trying to figure that out.

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jobob said...

Jana, you ARE a Super Randonneuse - you don't need those stinkin' badges to prove it. :^)

Heal up soon, lady.

- Jo.