Saturday, August 02, 2008

a more popularie bike ride

In case you're wondering, a populaire is like a brevet, but only less so. They're usually only 100Km in length.
We had have been talking about doing ,and since most folks want to go into the mountains, I design a route that went into the mountains , specifically Lytle Creek Road. The n=only problem was where to afterwards. We decided to go through Rialto to Riverside before returning.
since I was starting from home, and didn't want to do the climb to Lytle Creek on a hot day., i went down up neely's corner before heading down. on the sceond from the bottom photo, the ridge in the background is the San Andreas fault. The ride through Rialto wasn't as bad as I had thought, but traffic and safety wise. Bloomington was a lot more bumpy, but manageable.
Once I crossed the Santa Ana into the City of Riverside, I started looking for a place to have a Control. Bruce had suggested the park (where the locomotive is), but I was looking for people to Restock. I soon found a shopping center with a CVS and a Starbucks - problem solved. I stopped and had a Gatorade Tiger. Mr woods must have some strange tastes, as I didn't care for the flavor and he apparently selected them.
enough with the negative!
I saw a neat hotel on the way back! and a nice view of the bridge to Mt Rubidox. I was going along Mission Blvd and saw the mural on the vfw post.
I then tried a route around the construction on Etiwanda Ave before heading to coffee shop . it worked fine, and I got here just as the folks doing the short route had pulled in. I sat and socialized for a while before Heading to REI to get a tire and going home (where I had a Gatorade rain - much better!)

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