Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is Faster Faster?

I did basically the same ride as last Saturday. I started out by going out to Sierra and Summit in Fontana before heading back to the coffee shop. I then did the medium ride (basically go up to Padua and Mt Baldy and then turn around) I was feeling fairly frisky, and I noticed that the faster rider didn't catch us until Eitwanda and Baseline.
So I was surprised when I got back and found my time was slower than last week :( granted I did slow down to see if a couple of people with flats and steered some folks back on the right course. But I think the real reason was that last week my computer decided not to give any reading going up Benson. I had put on new tape and moved the position of the display, which seemed to solve the problem with interference.
Well you can't have everything.

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