Monday, November 11, 2013

Recycle this post

Well, Saturday was a bit too cold for cycling, so I did some indoor hiking:

And took in a hockey game. We lost again.

Sunday was little bit better. I went over to the Port of Albany. I had seen something in the Times union:
Somewhat Ironically, across the street is this:

more details of Mr. Curtiss' flight are here. Dome of the more fun details are: It took him two hours (What the Amtrak takes, A flight from ALB to EWR(no flights anymore to JFK or LGA) takes an hour), and he had stop in Poughkeepsie for gas. And the plane is close by a scrapyard, too,in case it becomes a can of Bud. I used to have a Neon, so this car spoke to me:

you eventually come to the end of the road:

But the road goes on, your old car becomes your soda can, holey socks turn into rags, you find a new job, the list goes on. Here's a nice view of Rensselaer:
Speaking of recycling, I heard a pop when I turned into the apartments. Another items to be recycled, as I broke a spoke:

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