Sunday, March 17, 2013

The wrong kind of irish

Begorrah, I should be drinking on of these: But, Instead I'm drinking my true national drink: And that ain't no Long Island Iced Teas It's a little different being scots-irish. I don't think we had much emphasis on drinking and green stuff. Unless it's this kind: That there's Collard Greens, y'all. You see, most of my kin moved here to escape religous prosection. That's probably why Southerners take religion more seriously - We're still descended from those folk who got the 'God Gene', whereas most of folks came to America to escape religous prosection. Does that mean I think the country should resemble this? No, but that also doesn't mean I can't admire General Lee flummoxing the yankees once again. Until next week, eat them greens!

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