Monday, November 12, 2012

Empire state of mind

I went out for a ride yesterday, I went by the USS Slater: and under the Pvt Parker F Dunn Memorial Bridge: The leaves are long gone: I did another ride today, But I had also had tickets to the Hockey. I got there a little early, so I went up the hill to watch the Veteran day parade. Dors not open yet: Yep, this is Albany: Empire State Plaza always looks like it should be the set for a bad Sci-fi movie(Captian Xryzs "Pepare to meet your doom, measly earthling!"): And I watched the Veteran's day Parade: Before heading back to the Plaza: Human Captian (played by Slyvester Stallone): "Yo,Xryzs, your capital's a lame-****ed copy of Empire State Plaza in Albany. Someone'es gonna meet theier doom today, and it ain't me!" It was sixty: It's a umm. ahh... and this is an Alexander Calder:(Gov. Rocky really liked Modern Art) Women Vets and Korean Memorial: The other end, looking at the Capitol Building ("yo, snakehead, you even duplicated the Capitol building, Did you get the Homeless bums as well?") The City of Renssealae across the river. My Humble abode is above and to the rioght of the Church steeple: (Capitian Balboa unleased his Omega-7 blaster,and soon captian Xyrzs was melted blob of DNA ."You, I could use a good calzone after blasting aliens:") And we'll leave the Times union center, where the players outnumber the Fans: Although I guess I should end this on upbeat note:

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