Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miss Jana Goes to New York City

Well, Yesterday I woke up bright and early:
From 2012-06-23
For a 6:05 departure to New York City. I Know, you're saying My ride is setting on Track 3: Not bad inside: Zipping along at 100 Mph: That ws probably the big problem coming down - the speed was fast enough you couldn't pan and there was a lot of scenery to look at. We did slow down when we got close: Hudson Palisades I got off at Penn Station, and hopped on the 3 train and got off in Tribeca. some walking and viola: It turns out, you need advance resevration to tour the 9/11 site, so I kept on walking. Survivors Memorial: Trinty Chruch: Zucotti Park: Wall St: I finally made to Battery Park, and got in line for the Ferry: I did have reservations for this and got there early. The line was pretty fast (about 20 minutes) and we were on our way: Back side: Looking back: There she is: I next went over to Ellis Island and Had lunch: Did someone say Bicycles? The Cruise Line said to allow for up to 5 hours, It took me about 2. Back to Battery Park: With a lot of time to kill, I went back to the 9/11 memorial and got a ticket for 4:00. The only problem was my train was supposed to go back to albany at 5:00. So I did plan "B": 42nd St and Times square. I still had some time left, but my shorts were making me sore, so I sat down for a while at the McDonalds, and came up with: I was told by a hawker outside that it was a two hour wait. I suspect she was trying to sell me an express pass. It was about 30 minutes. From the 86th Floor. East: South: West: North: There's an extra charge to go up to the 101st floor, bUt I didn't go. Back to Albany: Did I enjoy? Yes, Bit I'm not sure I would want to live there. If your'e thinking about, make plans and be flexable. The subway is not that scary, and most folks are willing to help you out.

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