Sunday, March 02, 2008

Riding with the girls is such a blast!

Most Sundays, I try and ride with a Womens group that's associated with the Cycling Connection, It's more geared to beginners, so I usually ride over and back to get a good workout in. Today, my Cycle computer malfunctioned staring out:( The further east I rode the windier it got. Around the baseball stadium I got into a sandstorm. good thing I was wearing a matte finish helmet. Had some more dust storms going up Rochester, and I almost got blown over on Banyan. I finally got to the park(Banyan and Day Creek) where the women's ride meets. Tina Corn, Carolyn Pichardo, and Mary (?)were there. We decided it was too windy, so we canceled the ride. The only good thing about the wind wa that It blew my bike over, and we found out what was wrong with the computer. So I rode west to escape the wind. Rode through Alta Loma and the Colonies section of Upland. Of course I then found the afternoon breeze coming in from the ocean. I turned around and came , but not before getting a flat right before I turned off Baseline
24 miles

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