Friday, May 25, 2007

San Dimas Canyon and memory and Cactus

Now , don't tell i'm the only one who rode today.
Once again, I was inspired By Pook's riding in the 'hood and the Cactus thread on Team Estrogen
I set off to do one of favorite rides - San Dimas canyon. I pedal through Upland and found some pretty[URL=""] Jacaranda[/URL] trees in full flower, but the photos didn't come out.
I stopped in San Dimas to shoot an impressive wild cactus. then pedaled into the entrance to the canyon:

Hard to believe that you're only 5 miles from the LA mess, isn't it?
up through some switchbacks and then to a view of the flood control reservoir:

There is a monument to cyclist who rode off the edge of a cliff. it always gets to me. He was riding a recumbent for the first time and lost it around a curve. what make it difficult for me , was I on the road that day. I remember exchanging waves with him. A firefighter stopped and we talked about him and the canyon in general

here's the Fire station. I turned around and started home
I photographed some more cacti in Claremont and headed home

my place is in the background of the first, down Red Hill. I only wish I could live up there
34 miles. pace: who cares?

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