Tuesday, April 10, 2007

what you want versus what you need

I thin we get theses confused. I was think about this in regards in to my bicycle hobby. I have a bike in the shop right now,. It's ready to go, but I 'm not going to pick it up until tomorrow. Wound using the funds for bicycle repair for car repair. and It was late getting the work,done. probably could do a whole series of post of providence.
As you may, I have been experimenting with Ultra Distance riding. and I seem to be stuck at 300K. I could travel further to do a 400k, but having a mega stress job mean I need some time to relax. I even have another fiction project brewing, but I have not typed a word yet. And I feel I need to, but don't want to sit behind a keyboard 24/7. At Least I get a break from my class

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